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2003-01-22 15:16 UTC Kings of Pool

I've been in the IPL pool league for some time now. I started in division 3 (of 7) and promptly went down to div 4 in the summer of 2001. I took a break for a while after getting up to div 2 over a year or so. I re-entered a few months later in div 2 and that's where I have been since (for the last few months). Last month I was on the verge of going to div 1 and got robbed of it. This month i'm up there again with a good chance. I'm not one to count my eggs etc, but here's hoping. Final game of the month for me tomorrow, i'll be praying.

In other news....hmm....not much is going on. I did find the idea of the US using an EMP weapon against Iraq pretty cool. Pretty odd that the bbc reported it as a "man made lightning bolt" which really misses the point. Kind of like a giant plasma ball or something. Still, i'm all for it if they add cool Matrix-esque effects to the news footage.

Finally, I cooked a badass curry tonight. Last night it was a badass mexican meal and tonight the curry. I used the power of garam masala, fresh corriander and some coconut to make it really rather nice. Lentils too, I have to convert claire to liking Lentils. They're so damn good and oh so cheap. One day. And ffs, she won't fucking stop playing tetris on this replacement phone i've given her from Karl (friend at work). She has exams and she's just playing tetris 24/7. Women!

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