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2003-01-19 13:16 UTC ooh, little pictures

I seem to be back up to full blogging speed. By now this page should look much the same as the rest of wuki. Well it does to me anyway. I've got the blog style sorted, updated some of the content and mainly sorted out my images section to now use the new database that i've made. This is easily the best thing i've done to wuki in a while. Oh, i've also got the restaurant thing up here. Quite a good few days.

The weekend besides this was fairly dull. I didn't really have anything to do and it's showed. I was planning on some cooking but we've had a new cooker delivered (old one was too old so Landlord has replaced it) but it doesn't reach the power cable. It's getting connected up tomorrow sometime which is ok, it's just meant that it was a take-away weekend. I did finally catch up with Mike (it's been about a month...and if you were him, which you might be, you'd realise that it's too long :) got that?) which was cool. He doesn't have any exams for a while which is a big plus.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow so i'd better sort myself out. Here's hoping that there's a new underpower strip up.

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