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2003-01-17 04:24 UTC and I thought I was bad..

I'm not the worlds greatest web designer. I like to do a reasonably good job though i'll never write a site which Hixie will approve of (probably).

Looking on www.xiven.com, I found a weblog entry which proves that i'm not as bad as some people. Im my opinion, this isn't just bad webdesign, it's a fucking disgrace, albeit funny.

2003-01-16 06:07 UTC Not just a troll

I am a fan of HTML. This is a simple truth. Until recently i'd never bothered to work out what the x stood for in xml/xhtml etc. I figured it was xylophone as it's pretty much the only word beginning with x. (I may be wrong..) So anyway, at work i'm reading all about xml which has now lead on to learning about xhtml and metadata and the uses of these etc. It's a book by Goldfarb so he knows what he's talking about too.

Reading all this stuff is leading me to believe in the point of them. Whilst I adopted use of css I never truly understood it, though I guess that's not necessary to use it in a simple way. I got the basics and the reason why I should use it. I never intend to go back to having style and content in the same file of a document. With XHTML2 coming up I think it's probably a good time for me to look into the standards so I can adopt them and play with them.

I'm a big fan of syntax checking and people not being allowed to put up documents on the net unless the syntax is correct. It'll really help to simplify matters and god forbid stop browsers doing everything so differently. I'm sure we'll never get rid of that, well, unless we only have one browser left. I love how netscape had a bug where if you declared 2 header blocks it would show both of them, kind of like a little animation. People then started deliberately using 2 to get the effect.

So anyway, in conclusion...I am in favour of XHTML2. I bet the working group now feels some sense of pride...

2003-01-15 15:18 UTC I tawt i taw a puddytat, i did i did i did

Today's puddytat is a little black one with some white patches. It's very cute, quite young and will either cuddle you or try and hit you with a paw. Still, beats watching conspiracy theory for an evenings entertainment

2003-01-15 05:05 UTC Under Power

I have a few things to say in this blog as it's been quite a while. The first and most important is to tell you to read Under Power as it's a kickass comic that i've just started reading (going through the archives at the moment). Secondly i'm back to being off-charge at work with training etc to do. Due to a lack of training materials i've started looking into XML this morning as I really don't know as much as I should about it.

I'm trying to think of other little projects I can do whilst (or to supplement) my training. It's really quite hard, and not recommended to read books about programming for 7.5 hours a day, especially if it's not very interesting. I think i'd like to do a php/database driven photo section for wuki. It sure as hell would beat the system I use right now. I don't really recall much about mysql and php though but it shouldn't take me long to pick it up again. It would be especially useful as I now have the little watch camera and Claire has a new digital camera which is pretty cool.

I've got about a week and a half before I intend to take a day or two off work. No big plans yet besides Claire not having anymore exams to do and getting a week off. Still, we need to properly celebrate her recent 21st birthday so something is bound to happen. This aside from this are pretty much the same. Hixie now seems obsessed with Vice City. Something I can relate to but I haven't played it in a while. I got over 90% complete or something and it was only leaving some things I couldn't be bothered to do. Some of them are a little too pointless for anyone over the age of 15.

But anyway, hopefully we should be seeing more blogging and more development of wuki in general for a few weeks. I'll also get around to adding stuff for all the new restaurants i've been to recently into the database.

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2002-12-28 14:36 UTC Tidy Tidy Tidy

I've spent a little too much of christmas this year tidying. I went out and bought a bed today (to be delivered on Thursday) and i've been trying to get the place ready. The bed for me isn't just a piece of wood. It's a huge change. It marks the point where my bedroom ceases being a place where I crash at night and begins to be a place I like being in and has some sort of personality. To this end i've tidied and sorted stuff. To make room for my old bed, my current single will get shoved in the spare room. Getting it in there might be fun. To show just how much sorting i've done, I have this picture:

I got this for christmas last year as I recall. We (Tom and I) built it and painted it etc. Tom then managed to break both it's arms (glare). They're now glued so it is still pretty posable but i'm not sure if it can turn into a plane anymore...I think it can. He probably glued it that way. But anyway, this model has been sitting around not on display at the bottom of a pile of stuff. I got to the bottom of that pile, and now here it is. Proudly in my living space of new.

The bed I got is really nice. I was suitably impressed in the shop and really just fell in love with it. It's still not long enough for me but then i've never found a bed which really is. My current one does an amicable job but it's a single. There are a huge number of benefits to having a double. More comfy, spacious, better sleep....and that's not including the reasons involving Claire. Still...i'm visiting her family in the next few days and i'm not supposed to make jokes about buying a double bed. Never stopped her from having one last year in a rented place. Funny when the shoe fits eh? :)

Anyway, I just hung up on Claire so i'd better answer the phone when she calls back...if she calls back...still waiting...ahh, there it is. Later

2002-12-25 18:24 UTC Late Night Chat

Had quite an odd christmas this year. Spent the day on my own in the flat. Spoke to quite a few people and did lots of productive things like cleaning...but it wasn't really christmas. It's late now and i'm chatting on mirc with Ian, Tom and Gwief. I can't really see properly. This is about the best idea of what I can see...

Shops still closed probably tomorrow but there's got to be some open in Bath. An expedition will be called for. Time to go buy myself a bed I think.

Oh, as a sideline, Splinter Cell (Xbox) rocks, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers also rocks and Memento was extremely clever and very enjoyable. Finally Fight Club made it to regular tv so everyone got to talk about that too. Yay.

2002-12-24 03:51 UTC Christmas

It's been an awfully long time since I posted one of these. Still, I hope that over christmas there will be a few more. I'm also planning to make this more of a visual weblog as I now have a little watch camera. The pictures are the perfect size to add to a blog for more fun.

If you know me at all, you can guess what i'll use such a device for. Well, all sorts of things I guess. Today i've got a cool action shot of a tiny radio controlled car. I'll try and remember to link from this to kickstart my photo usage

Here it is now:

Life's been interesting in the last month and a half. Claire's off back home for christmas and i'm sitting around with the intention of some cooking, cleaning and games playing. Not to mention playing with my new watch. I'm hoping to catch up with a couple of people too. Anyway, i'd like to wish a merry christmas to everyone...especially people I should have sent cards to but didn't.

Let's hope I get a good section for my christmas in pictures.

2002-11-04 05:21 UTC Grand Theft Auto

This weekend went by pretty quickly. It was a superbly fun weekend, though many of the beer drinking, crazy fun having population would not understand. I spent most of it on the sofa with my old friend, Grand Theft Auto 3.

On Saturday morning I travelled to the local Gamestation shop. I took my Dreamcast and all that goes with it (games and accessories) and my gameboy advance. I traded these for a credit of over 300. Bargain. I then used it to buy a Playstation 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City (pre-order), pad, memory card and Super Smash Bros: Melee. Best use of a console ever. Naturally I then went home and played on it all weekend.

This Friday sees the release of GTA Vice City and probably the delivery of my copy of Deathrow (XBox). I'm thinking of taking Friday off work to relax and play some games. Work has been relaxed recently but it's been a heavy usage on my brain. Lots of new stuff to do. I really need a day off. What better to do than to sit around relaxing and playing videogames.

I have also gone back into the IPL pool league. This month 49 employees spread across 7 divisions are battling it out. I've returned into Division 2 (where I left from) although I was never good enough to be there. I've got off to an excellent start though, winning my first game today 3-0. Just 5 more games to go. Hopefully i'll win a few more and give myself a chance of promotion. Otherwise not getting relegated would be a big plus. Lots of fun though.

2002-10-25 05:59 UTC Tapas Danke

This week has culminated in a strange mix of Tapas and the German language. Very strange. Just had the friday lunch at a Spanish Tapas Bar rather than a pub. I was mightily impressed. Everyone gets a couple of small dishes and you all share. Well, unless you're all selfish bastards. We had a great time anyway and the food was superb. Apparently there's a new tapas place at the top of town too....so it will be visited.

As for the german language, it's stemmed from my listening to lots of Rammstein recently. Now we're all emailing each other in faux german or babelfish german. Good either way.

Hurrah for another weekend. Hopefully i'll get to see the powerpuff girls movie soon.

2002-10-24 08:19 UTC Sniper, Hixie's Natural Log etc.

Take a look at the following article before reading my weblog comments : Desensitising Tautology on Hixie's Natural Log

I disagree that someone is inherently stupid for killing people. I've had some very mixed feelings about this sniper. I realise that he's got to be pretty nuts to be a serial killer. I doubt i'd want to hang out with him in a bar for instance. I don't instantly get depressed at the idea of death though. In the world we live in you get told off for laughing at death. It's very very frowned upon. If I see on the news that someone has died in an amusing way, I will laugh. It's funny. They don't fucking care, they're dead. The relatives don't care...because they can't hear me. Sure, if my parents died in an amusing way then I wouldn't be laughing....but aslong as people didnt do it whilst standing next to me, I wouldn't have a problem with other people laughing at it.

I've always idolised the idea of snipers. They're just so damn cool. You sit somewhere...for hours possibly with only one intent. One bullet, one target. It's a pretty nice ideal. I've been largely affected by movies i'll admit. They have taught me that snipers and guns are cool. If I saw a movie about a guy killing random people by sniping then i'd probably enjoy it. Think "Falling Down" but with Douglas getting a sniper rifle instead of a baseball bat. Aslong as he gets killed at the end by the police, even american audiences would love it.

I admire south park for trying to shed some taboos aswell. Look at the towering inferno movie....steve mcqueen. Classic film. If they tried to release it after september 11th people would have hated it and complained. Yes, people die....lots of people die everyday. If we all sat around getting depressed everytime someone died then there wouldn't be much laughter in the world.

Whilst I don't condone the actions of the Maryland sniper and I do feel sorry for the victims.....they are just 10 people (at time of writing) within a much larger amount who die. How many people have sat within the confines of a multinational corporation and said "I hate that evil sniper" whilst themselves working for a company which probably kills a great deal more a year though general evilness

Frankly i'd rather have something interesting on the news when I get in. It's not really a choice between sniper and no sniper. It's more of a choice between sniper, evil doctor, grandmother kills family, multinational kills thousands etc. I'll take the sniper. It's interesting. Notably, his victims get a clean and quick death. He also doesn't discriminate between race, age etc.

If americans get offended by this...then maybe you should look at your fucking gun laws. It's not exactly suprising or shocking that this has happened. You should probably do something before 101 copycat killers get on the loose and you're not allowed to go near clocktowers and skyscrapers. Ironically I could probably argue that the Maryland sniper has inadvertantly saved lives. People in the area go home after school...they all lead safe lives. I dont doubt that it's a little bit against the idea of freedom, but if there's less people out after dark, on the roads, at petrol stations.....then there's gonna be less killings.

Now do you understand what movies and videogames have done to my mind?

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