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2003-01-16 06:07 UTC Not just a troll

I am a fan of HTML. This is a simple truth. Until recently i'd never bothered to work out what the x stood for in xml/xhtml etc. I figured it was xylophone as it's pretty much the only word beginning with x. (I may be wrong..) So anyway, at work i'm reading all about xml which has now lead on to learning about xhtml and metadata and the uses of these etc. It's a book by Goldfarb so he knows what he's talking about too.

Reading all this stuff is leading me to believe in the point of them. Whilst I adopted use of css I never truly understood it, though I guess that's not necessary to use it in a simple way. I got the basics and the reason why I should use it. I never intend to go back to having style and content in the same file of a document. With XHTML2 coming up I think it's probably a good time for me to look into the standards so I can adopt them and play with them.

I'm a big fan of syntax checking and people not being allowed to put up documents on the net unless the syntax is correct. It'll really help to simplify matters and god forbid stop browsers doing everything so differently. I'm sure we'll never get rid of that, well, unless we only have one browser left. I love how netscape had a bug where if you declared 2 header blocks it would show both of them, kind of like a little animation. People then started deliberately using 2 to get the effect.

So anyway, in conclusion...I am in favour of XHTML2. I bet the working group now feels some sense of pride...

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