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2002-12-28 14:36 UTC Tidy Tidy Tidy

I've spent a little too much of christmas this year tidying. I went out and bought a bed today (to be delivered on Thursday) and i've been trying to get the place ready. The bed for me isn't just a piece of wood. It's a huge change. It marks the point where my bedroom ceases being a place where I crash at night and begins to be a place I like being in and has some sort of personality. To this end i've tidied and sorted stuff. To make room for my old bed, my current single will get shoved in the spare room. Getting it in there might be fun. To show just how much sorting i've done, I have this picture:

I got this for christmas last year as I recall. We (Tom and I) built it and painted it etc. Tom then managed to break both it's arms (glare). They're now glued so it is still pretty posable but i'm not sure if it can turn into a plane anymore...I think it can. He probably glued it that way. But anyway, this model has been sitting around not on display at the bottom of a pile of stuff. I got to the bottom of that pile, and now here it is. Proudly in my living space of new.

The bed I got is really nice. I was suitably impressed in the shop and really just fell in love with it. It's still not long enough for me but then i've never found a bed which really is. My current one does an amicable job but it's a single. There are a huge number of benefits to having a double. More comfy, spacious, better sleep....and that's not including the reasons involving Claire. Still...i'm visiting her family in the next few days and i'm not supposed to make jokes about buying a double bed. Never stopped her from having one last year in a rented place. Funny when the shoe fits eh? :)

Anyway, I just hung up on Claire so i'd better answer the phone when she calls back...if she calls back...still waiting...ahh, there it is. Later

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