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2002-12-24 03:51 UTC Christmas

It's been an awfully long time since I posted one of these. Still, I hope that over christmas there will be a few more. I'm also planning to make this more of a visual weblog as I now have a little watch camera. The pictures are the perfect size to add to a blog for more fun.

If you know me at all, you can guess what i'll use such a device for. Well, all sorts of things I guess. Today i've got a cool action shot of a tiny radio controlled car. I'll try and remember to link from this to kickstart my photo usage

Here it is now:

Life's been interesting in the last month and a half. Claire's off back home for christmas and i'm sitting around with the intention of some cooking, cleaning and games playing. Not to mention playing with my new watch. I'm hoping to catch up with a couple of people too. Anyway, i'd like to wish a merry christmas to everyone...especially people I should have sent cards to but didn't.

Let's hope I get a good section for my christmas in pictures.

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