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2002-11-04 05:21 UTC Grand Theft Auto

This weekend went by pretty quickly. It was a superbly fun weekend, though many of the beer drinking, crazy fun having population would not understand. I spent most of it on the sofa with my old friend, Grand Theft Auto 3.

On Saturday morning I travelled to the local Gamestation shop. I took my Dreamcast and all that goes with it (games and accessories) and my gameboy advance. I traded these for a credit of over 300. Bargain. I then used it to buy a Playstation 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City (pre-order), pad, memory card and Super Smash Bros: Melee. Best use of a console ever. Naturally I then went home and played on it all weekend.

This Friday sees the release of GTA Vice City and probably the delivery of my copy of Deathrow (XBox). I'm thinking of taking Friday off work to relax and play some games. Work has been relaxed recently but it's been a heavy usage on my brain. Lots of new stuff to do. I really need a day off. What better to do than to sit around relaxing and playing videogames.

I have also gone back into the IPL pool league. This month 49 employees spread across 7 divisions are battling it out. I've returned into Division 2 (where I left from) although I was never good enough to be there. I've got off to an excellent start though, winning my first game today 3-0. Just 5 more games to go. Hopefully i'll win a few more and give myself a chance of promotion. Otherwise not getting relegated would be a big plus. Lots of fun though.

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