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2002-10-24 08:19 UTC Sniper, Hixie's Natural Log etc.

Take a look at the following article before reading my weblog comments : Desensitising Tautology on Hixie's Natural Log

I disagree that someone is inherently stupid for killing people. I've had some very mixed feelings about this sniper. I realise that he's got to be pretty nuts to be a serial killer. I doubt i'd want to hang out with him in a bar for instance. I don't instantly get depressed at the idea of death though. In the world we live in you get told off for laughing at death. It's very very frowned upon. If I see on the news that someone has died in an amusing way, I will laugh. It's funny. They don't fucking care, they're dead. The relatives don't care...because they can't hear me. Sure, if my parents died in an amusing way then I wouldn't be laughing....but aslong as people didnt do it whilst standing next to me, I wouldn't have a problem with other people laughing at it.

I've always idolised the idea of snipers. They're just so damn cool. You sit somewhere...for hours possibly with only one intent. One bullet, one target. It's a pretty nice ideal. I've been largely affected by movies i'll admit. They have taught me that snipers and guns are cool. If I saw a movie about a guy killing random people by sniping then i'd probably enjoy it. Think "Falling Down" but with Douglas getting a sniper rifle instead of a baseball bat. Aslong as he gets killed at the end by the police, even american audiences would love it.

I admire south park for trying to shed some taboos aswell. Look at the towering inferno movie....steve mcqueen. Classic film. If they tried to release it after september 11th people would have hated it and complained. Yes, people die....lots of people die everyday. If we all sat around getting depressed everytime someone died then there wouldn't be much laughter in the world.

Whilst I don't condone the actions of the Maryland sniper and I do feel sorry for the victims.....they are just 10 people (at time of writing) within a much larger amount who die. How many people have sat within the confines of a multinational corporation and said "I hate that evil sniper" whilst themselves working for a company which probably kills a great deal more a year though general evilness

Frankly i'd rather have something interesting on the news when I get in. It's not really a choice between sniper and no sniper. It's more of a choice between sniper, evil doctor, grandmother kills family, multinational kills thousands etc. I'll take the sniper. It's interesting. Notably, his victims get a clean and quick death. He also doesn't discriminate between race, age etc.

If americans get offended by this...then maybe you should look at your fucking gun laws. It's not exactly suprising or shocking that this has happened. You should probably do something before 101 copycat killers get on the loose and you're not allowed to go near clocktowers and skyscrapers. Ironically I could probably argue that the Maryland sniper has inadvertantly saved lives. People in the area go home after school...they all lead safe lives. I dont doubt that it's a little bit against the idea of freedom, but if there's less people out after dark, on the roads, at petrol stations.....then there's gonna be less killings.

Now do you understand what movies and videogames have done to my mind?

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