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2002-10-09 05:46 UTC A delicious blend of fruits and juices

Well now. It's been a bit of an odd week. Last week I was fixing stuff and playing with linux and doing a variety of work. Now i'm back programming in C for a week. I've even been doing a little bit of software design which is cool. Hopefully i'll be back doing this kind of stuff a little more in the near future.

Been up to usual tricks. Cooked an interesting vegetarian burritos thing (recipe is on the site) at the weekend. Not perfect yet though. Spent last night getting into Robotech: Battlecry. A new xbox game which turned up. Also watched Empire Strikes Back and then watched snooker. Bizarre.

I've got one email off Mike so he's good in Durham. I think i'm also now visiting Mel sometime in the next few months and we're gonna go to a stripclub. I'm not sure how that happened. If we do though, expect to a) hear about it on this web log, and b) hear claire discuss it with me loud enough for the whole world to notice.

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