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2002-10-02 04:59 UTC Linux Day

I never thought i'd see the day when i'd be sitting at work and using Linux. It just seems so wrong. I'm extremely happy to be able to get to use it and learn about it though. Not using linux has always been a little annoying thing and i've not had the knowledge to put it on my home machine and use it as a viable alternative to windows. However, I don't need games at work and we have sysadmin people to make it work properly. yay.

I spent nearly my whole morning sitting around as the machine was set up to dual boot with Windows 2000. As for a preference, I guess if I can do all the work I could from before within Linux then I will. It's been a good day so far though and I guess it'll be a learning experience to play with linux for quite a while to come. If I like it, I might try and setup my next pc to dual boot between windows and linux. That would be damn cool.

On a lighter note, I cooked some Burritos last night. My first attempt and they tasted pretty good. Not convinced with the recipe I used out of a book though, i'll be working out my own version and cooking that soon. It's good though, pretty damn easy and very effective.

Finally, I definitely like the linux aspect of having a cute widdle mowmow (as Hixie might put it) called Neko wandering around my desktops.

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