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2002-09-29 15:03 UTC mmmm chilli

I managed to rectify cooking shit chilli recently by making some decent stuff today. I've added a few recipes to Wuki - Food and had a nice, relaxing weekend.

I've spent a fair bit of my time over the last couple of days reading "The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse" by Robert Rankin. I don't normally read much but Mel demanded that this was a must read and around my mental age. She was spot on. I also bought "Waiting for Godalming" by the same author. No good reason besides that Mike lives by Godalming. At least he does for another 24 hours. Then it's off to Durham. Anyway, hopefully i'll be reading a bit more from now on...It sends me to bed earlier and it'll give me something to do during dull lunches at work.

I've been thinking a little today about doing something new with my hair. It's a little bit too much of a vain thought for me to be having but I guess it has been many years with the same style. Maybe it's time for something new. I also got to enjoy the delights of "Claire's Laundry Service"(TM) today. She left with laundry and I got it back neatly folded. There can't be many people left who don't believe we're married. Wonder how long it'll be before we actually are.

Finally, not really worried about this week at work. I have a vague idea what i'm supposed to be doing and I like my job. It'll get a bit different when they make me actually do java stuff but for now it's cool. Hopefully still just a matter of time til i'm back programming in C anyway. I can dream.

Oh, I did buy Brotherhood of the Wolf and it kicked ass. Very nice style, good action and an engaging plot. It was generally loved by critics aswell, as the back of its cover demonstrates. Go watch it.

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