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2002-09-29 15:03 UTC mmmm chilli

I managed to rectify cooking shit chilli recently by making some decent stuff today. I've added a few recipes to Wuki - Food and had a nice, relaxing weekend.

I've spent a fair bit of my time over the last couple of days reading "The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse" by Robert Rankin. I don't normally read much but Mel demanded that this was a must read and around my mental age. She was spot on. I also bought "Waiting for Godalming" by the same author. No good reason besides that Mike lives by Godalming. At least he does for another 24 hours. Then it's off to Durham. Anyway, hopefully i'll be reading a bit more from now on...It sends me to bed earlier and it'll give me something to do during dull lunches at work.

I've been thinking a little today about doing something new with my hair. It's a little bit too much of a vain thought for me to be having but I guess it has been many years with the same style. Maybe it's time for something new. I also got to enjoy the delights of "Claire's Laundry Service"(TM) today. She left with laundry and I got it back neatly folded. There can't be many people left who don't believe we're married. Wonder how long it'll be before we actually are.

Finally, not really worried about this week at work. I have a vague idea what i'm supposed to be doing and I like my job. It'll get a bit different when they make me actually do java stuff but for now it's cool. Hopefully still just a matter of time til i'm back programming in C anyway. I can dream.

Oh, I did buy Brotherhood of the Wolf and it kicked ass. Very nice style, good action and an engaging plot. It was generally loved by critics aswell, as the back of its cover demonstrates. Go watch it.

2002-09-24 04:37 UTC Eleven days but only one coconut

Wow, it's been ages since i blogged. This is awful. I guess it's from spending a week off and generally not being near my pc. I did do a fair bit of interesting stuff though.

Claire moved in over a week ago, it went fine. It was a little weird falling asleep the first few nights knowing that I wasn't living alone anymore. Not a bad kind of weird though. Did lots of cooking during the week off. We did a big online tesco's shop (yes, i still trust them) and planned some fun food. I did a superb lime and coconut chicken curry which really looked the part. Some chicken fajitas from scratch, even tried to cook molettes with very mixed results. The only bad piece of cooking came in the form of some chilli. I have no idea what happened to my cooking ability that night but it wasnt on great form. It was truly shit chilli. I ate some and put the rest in the bin. Not ideal.

Some other cooking fun involved me getting a coconut and pineapple. I was curious. Pineapple was superb...truly superb. Fresh pineapple is a wonderful thing and it's enjoyable to play with. The coconut was annoying. I beat it in the end after buying a hammer and beating the shit out of it but it took a lot of effort. Used the coconut in quite a few things. Chopped coconut on the pineapple, coconut flavoured ice cubes, juice and grated in the curry. Very fun. Next time i need to get rid of some tension i'm gonna buy a coconut.

I also spent a while at the end of the week playing Sega GT 2002. Too much time in fact. However, it was fun and it totally got me into the relaxed mode which is so far away from my regular self it's scary. Saw Hixie and Mike over the weekend during a little reunion type thing. Had some mexican food, good times were had. Sadly we couldn't find a nice pub on a saturday night for a warm quiet chat. Stupid pubs.

Speaking of Hixie, I want to link to his recent weblog article to see how this pingback thing works. Surely his article should link me as a pingback and then i'll get a pingback so my article will pingback him and.....oh for fucks sake. What does this do again? ;)

What else? Might go buy Brotherhood of the Wolf (BOTW) today. It's payday this week so I can actually afford a dvd. Besides, nothing on tv tonight so it's an ideal night to turn up with a movie. I might even think of something nice to cook tonight. I nearly saw BOTW with Mel at the end(?) of last year when we met up for some pizza. She invited me along but at the time I didn't really feel comfortable turning up to a cinema with her and meeting a load of her friends that I didn't know and seeing a movie. Still, it is a Mark Dacascos movie....so it's always tempting. On the topic of Mel, she intends to turn up in Bath at some point so maybe I will see her before 2010. Mike is off to Durham after this weekend so everyone wave and wish him well on his masters (he already has one though). As for Hixie, maybe he'll get a job soon too. He's still waiting to hear about a few things but I think he'll be happy doing pretty much anything if it gets him back to San Fran.

Finally onto Claire. She's started back at uni and has been enjoying the wonders of finding out about her final year project and getting to lectures for 8.15am. One day a week where she'll wake _me_ up. To my mind it's working out really well with us living together. Naturally it was all my idea but aren't all the good ones? :) We don't really have any of the petit friction which people kept warning me about. They said it would be fine once we got passed all the things which make us grind our teeth as it were. Well, Claire may treat my prize glasses like it's a greek party and desire to shut a door to keep a spider trapped in a room (they can crawl under the door) but honestly....nothing makes me grind my teeth. She even makes me smile when she trashes my stuff. How crazy is that? From her point of view...it might be different. I seem to have an interesting take on the "I cook, you clean and vice versa" rule. It involves "I cook most so you clean always." The problem is that it's hard to feel guilty when i cook so damn well :) (still, my lack of housework was mainly down to feeling pretty ill for the last few days. I promise to do some soon honey)

Well, that's me done. I'm off to steal a cookie from a friend's desk. Wish me luck.

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2002-09-13 04:15 UTC smile

Taking a look at /. earlier and I noticed a story about smilies. The first ever smilie. Pretty cool stuff. It's a real trip in a timewarp to read some of this thread from 1982 on a bboard where it was first used. I especially like the lift warning which get's taken seriously. Thank god for smilies :)

BBoard Thread

2002-09-11 05:38 UTC emacs revisited

My new project at work requires use of a server running Red Hat Linux. This has provided me with an excellent opportunity to get back to using emacs. Sadly I don't have xwindows installed on my pc (and i'm not allowed to) so I can't use it's menus or mouse interface. Still, it's designed to work primarily with the keyboard anyway. It's been suggested that I should learn vi instead by several people. I would spit at these people but there's certain things which just arent acceptable at work. I don't like vi. It's not logical.

We're all moving around the office soon into little project teams. Should get interesting. I'm expecting some work maybe when I get back from my week off so no big worries just yet. I also just had my staff review from my last major project (october is the staff re-grading time of year) and it went really rather well. Nice people.

As far as friends go. Mike's still going to Durham, even if they only let him in 2 days before his course starts. Tom's getting partially blue hair. Ian's still working too hard and Mel's just got back into the country (London beware! :).

Oh, my weblog is now pingback enabled. It's one of very few on the planet which has this feature. I hope you're impressed. I would be if I knew what I was talking about. I'll ask Ian sometime.

2002-09-07 06:46 UTC Say hello to my little friends

What to do this weekend? Hmm. I want to hang out with my friends. I also want to relax at home with movies and the curry i'm cooking tonight. In an ideal world i'd get my friends over for curry. Sadly I can't really afford to cook for people right now. Im attempting to have a really cheap couple of weeks living off the food in my flat. I've done well for the last week and it should continue. I can afford to have people over and give them snacks and drink etc...just not really full on dinner party type stuff :)

I may call them. See if they wan't to come over and watch a movie or play some pool at my local. I really would like to see some people this weekend. Fortunately it's my last weekend on my own for quite a while. Not only is Claire coming down next weekend to move in, but i'll also be trying to see my friends more from now on. Guess today might just be me + cricket + curry.

I've finished learning Java. I haven't done any project work with it for IPL but i've done example stuff and read lots of tutorials and trails on java.sun.com. I'm still hoping to go back to doing more stuff with C. I'll be seeing people next week so i'll ask them about it. Hopefully i'll get somewhere. I have 2 weeks before i'll start getting given proper work anyway. I cant wait for my week off. Time to get reaquainted with Claire...not to mention my xbox. It'll probably be quite a while before I get another week off. I try and reserve them for the summer. Anyway, my 10 bean vegetable curry awaits. Hopefully it'll be a classic.

2002-09-06 00:58 UTC Greece has gone nuts

I read on Tuesday (ish) that gaming and gambling had been outlawed in Greece. I've been to Greece and i've seen the number of shops just like HMV, EB and GAME etc which sell games. It's no different from here. In an effort to ban gambling, Greek law has now banned videogames. It looks like only gaming in public will cause people to be arrested, but there's still no certainty. From the link at the bottom of this I saw that 2 people are up in court for allowing people to play counterstrike at a net cafe. They face fines up to 95'000 and a year in jail. Please let the Greek law see the insanity of this.

I can see them having hit squads which go around hotels and resorts looking for children in public playing with a gameboy. They could entrap people by putting display machines in gaming stores so you can try the latest games...but when you hold the controller and start to play, restraints come out of the machine and tie you up until the police arrive. Greek people don't even follow their laws about what they're allowed to smoke or how they can drive.....so why ban gaming?

If this rule stands, it's gonna be a long while before I consider going back to a place which can create laws like that.

Check out BBC News Site for a recent article on it.

2002-09-04 06:12 UTC Been a while

It's been a while since I sat down and added a blog entry. This is mainly because i've done nothing of interest in the past week and a half. Well, that's not entirely true....but it is fairly close.

I went to see Claire in Reading at the weekend, played with some airsoft rifles in a shop and generally had a cool day. We saw "Reign of Fire" at the cinema. Nice special effects but the plot and acting was a little disappointing. Saw my parents on Sunday and then just relaxed around the flat for the rest of the weekend.

This promised to be a fairly dull week at work and the prediction is proving correct. Lots of the people I know are away on holiday so there's not much for me to do besides read the tutorials on java.sun.com all day long. I'll be doing some actual java work sometime next week I think. That is unless I get dragged back onto something else. I'd quite like the latter to happen.

Relaxing weekend coming up....with no spending of money, and then just one week before Claire moves in and I get a whole week off. Can you imagine the joy? I don't think you can :)

2002-08-26 14:59 UTC Weirdness

I'm feeling like shit right now. Not sure why. I'm sure it'll pass fairly quickly. I've had a fantastic weekend. 48 hours with Claire was a gift from heaven. It was really good. Now i'm back on the brink of work. 8.30am tomorrow hails my return but I don't mind, i'm getting bored anyway. I can only watch so much Herbie and Cricket before i'd go out of my mind.

I've spent the evening cooking and then watching "The Deer Hunter" (Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken). To say it's made me depressed would be an understatement. The film is the soul of depression. It's a good film, I just probably shouldn't have watched it on my own right now.

So anyway, I had a really good weekend upto now. I should be having a good week and i'll be experimenting with Mexican food over the next few weeks. I'm hoping it wont be a complete disaster.

Note to Hixie: I haven't emailed you yet but write me one anyway. I saw your post so I know you've got the time :)

2002-08-22 02:28 UTC "That guy's the spitting image of that bloke in Buffy"

Yesterday was a good day. A fabulous day. Had a really good time in London. We invited Laurence along so I got to chat to him on the train there. We wandered around a few shops, got a good italian lunch, few more shops...eventually ending up at a cinema. We watched a good film. I can't actually name it...something like "Latanta", an engrossing Australian "thriller" but it wasn't exactly scary. Intriguing though. Then we wandered through the maze that used to be Sega World (now funland or something) and ended up at the Sports bar playing American 8 ball pool. After a while we were just too damn tired and went off to get our respective trains home. Lots of fun though.

The icing on the cake was the journey home. I ended up sitting opposite Tony Head (Giles from Buffy) and chatting to him over a pint of Stella. I'd met him once before (which he remembered) when I got his autograph for Claire some 8 months ago) in Bath and chatted to him for a few minutes. This was even better, and a lot of fun. Somebody else bought the drinks...sitting a little bit further down the carriage (a couple of very awestruck people) but I got the best end of the deal. I tried and in my opinion succeeded at not being a dick and had a good time, made him laugh quite a few times aswell. It's a gift.

Anyway, I can't be arsed to put up what we chatted about here. It was many and varied things. The funny things is that the first time I met him, I got the autograph for claire. I started off by saying "So sorry, but my girlfriend will love me forever if I get your autograph for her" etc. This time I sat down and said "This is great, it's gonna piss off my girlfriend for at least a week" :)

Based on a conversation with him (about our giles spotting habits), i'm toying with the idea of "www.thatguyfrombuffy.com" which would involve logging our giles experiences ("I saw giles by waitrose" etc). It would all be done in a very comedy and non serious or privacy invading way. It would probably involve t-shirts and god forbid...it could become a phenomenon in Bath. I'll see, it'd be a good contender for graham norton if he's ever on it again.

2002-08-20 06:01 UTC Wish I was there

My head hurts. I would say that i've been learning java, but it would be more accurate to say that i'm attempting to assimilate java. Lots of reading. Lots and lots of it. I'm getting through it though, trying to break it up with doing some coding of examples and stuff. It'll get more interesting when i'm learning about graphics and GUIs. I can't say that I like java because Hixie has pretty much tried to instill a hatred of java and internet explorer into me over the last few years. I still like c though, it makes sense to me.

3 hours....just 3 more hours til I'm effectively going to London. I'm gonna relax tonight, watch a bit of ST:Voyager (first half of the last episode of the entire series...and I haven't seen it yet) and chill. My train is at 9.57 so not much in the way of getting up early. Never a bad thing. Mike's calling Laurence to ask him along....so if he's coming i'll try and get a train with him. Travelling is much more fun when you have people to talk to.

That's about it I guess. Hixie's headed down to Greece for a while so I won't be seeing him til September sometime. Still no clue when he's off to get a job yet. He might know more when he gets back as he's visiting a W3C conference in Paris. Still, i'm just clutching at the idea of seeing Claire on Friday to get me through the week. It is made easier by spending a day in London though...no complaints here :)

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