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2002-09-24 04:37 UTC Eleven days but only one coconut

Wow, it's been ages since i blogged. This is awful. I guess it's from spending a week off and generally not being near my pc. I did do a fair bit of interesting stuff though.

Claire moved in over a week ago, it went fine. It was a little weird falling asleep the first few nights knowing that I wasn't living alone anymore. Not a bad kind of weird though. Did lots of cooking during the week off. We did a big online tesco's shop (yes, i still trust them) and planned some fun food. I did a superb lime and coconut chicken curry which really looked the part. Some chicken fajitas from scratch, even tried to cook molettes with very mixed results. The only bad piece of cooking came in the form of some chilli. I have no idea what happened to my cooking ability that night but it wasnt on great form. It was truly shit chilli. I ate some and put the rest in the bin. Not ideal.

Some other cooking fun involved me getting a coconut and pineapple. I was curious. Pineapple was superb...truly superb. Fresh pineapple is a wonderful thing and it's enjoyable to play with. The coconut was annoying. I beat it in the end after buying a hammer and beating the shit out of it but it took a lot of effort. Used the coconut in quite a few things. Chopped coconut on the pineapple, coconut flavoured ice cubes, juice and grated in the curry. Very fun. Next time i need to get rid of some tension i'm gonna buy a coconut.

I also spent a while at the end of the week playing Sega GT 2002. Too much time in fact. However, it was fun and it totally got me into the relaxed mode which is so far away from my regular self it's scary. Saw Hixie and Mike over the weekend during a little reunion type thing. Had some mexican food, good times were had. Sadly we couldn't find a nice pub on a saturday night for a warm quiet chat. Stupid pubs.

Speaking of Hixie, I want to link to his recent weblog article to see how this pingback thing works. Surely his article should link me as a pingback and then i'll get a pingback so my article will pingback him and.....oh for fucks sake. What does this do again? ;)

What else? Might go buy Brotherhood of the Wolf (BOTW) today. It's payday this week so I can actually afford a dvd. Besides, nothing on tv tonight so it's an ideal night to turn up with a movie. I might even think of something nice to cook tonight. I nearly saw BOTW with Mel at the end(?) of last year when we met up for some pizza. She invited me along but at the time I didn't really feel comfortable turning up to a cinema with her and meeting a load of her friends that I didn't know and seeing a movie. Still, it is a Mark Dacascos movie....so it's always tempting. On the topic of Mel, she intends to turn up in Bath at some point so maybe I will see her before 2010. Mike is off to Durham after this weekend so everyone wave and wish him well on his masters (he already has one though). As for Hixie, maybe he'll get a job soon too. He's still waiting to hear about a few things but I think he'll be happy doing pretty much anything if it gets him back to San Fran.

Finally onto Claire. She's started back at uni and has been enjoying the wonders of finding out about her final year project and getting to lectures for 8.15am. One day a week where she'll wake _me_ up. To my mind it's working out really well with us living together. Naturally it was all my idea but aren't all the good ones? :) We don't really have any of the petit friction which people kept warning me about. They said it would be fine once we got passed all the things which make us grind our teeth as it were. Well, Claire may treat my prize glasses like it's a greek party and desire to shut a door to keep a spider trapped in a room (they can crawl under the door) but honestly....nothing makes me grind my teeth. She even makes me smile when she trashes my stuff. How crazy is that? From her point of view...it might be different. I seem to have an interesting take on the "I cook, you clean and vice versa" rule. It involves "I cook most so you clean always." The problem is that it's hard to feel guilty when i cook so damn well :) (still, my lack of housework was mainly down to feeling pretty ill for the last few days. I promise to do some soon honey)

Well, that's me done. I'm off to steal a cookie from a friend's desk. Wish me luck.

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