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2002-09-11 05:38 UTC emacs revisited

My new project at work requires use of a server running Red Hat Linux. This has provided me with an excellent opportunity to get back to using emacs. Sadly I don't have xwindows installed on my pc (and i'm not allowed to) so I can't use it's menus or mouse interface. Still, it's designed to work primarily with the keyboard anyway. It's been suggested that I should learn vi instead by several people. I would spit at these people but there's certain things which just arent acceptable at work. I don't like vi. It's not logical.

We're all moving around the office soon into little project teams. Should get interesting. I'm expecting some work maybe when I get back from my week off so no big worries just yet. I also just had my staff review from my last major project (october is the staff re-grading time of year) and it went really rather well. Nice people.

As far as friends go. Mike's still going to Durham, even if they only let him in 2 days before his course starts. Tom's getting partially blue hair. Ian's still working too hard and Mel's just got back into the country (London beware! :).

Oh, my weblog is now pingback enabled. It's one of very few on the planet which has this feature. I hope you're impressed. I would be if I knew what I was talking about. I'll ask Ian sometime.

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