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2002-09-07 06:46 UTC Say hello to my little friends

What to do this weekend? Hmm. I want to hang out with my friends. I also want to relax at home with movies and the curry i'm cooking tonight. In an ideal world i'd get my friends over for curry. Sadly I can't really afford to cook for people right now. Im attempting to have a really cheap couple of weeks living off the food in my flat. I've done well for the last week and it should continue. I can afford to have people over and give them snacks and drink etc...just not really full on dinner party type stuff :)

I may call them. See if they wan't to come over and watch a movie or play some pool at my local. I really would like to see some people this weekend. Fortunately it's my last weekend on my own for quite a while. Not only is Claire coming down next weekend to move in, but i'll also be trying to see my friends more from now on. Guess today might just be me + cricket + curry.

I've finished learning Java. I haven't done any project work with it for IPL but i've done example stuff and read lots of tutorials and trails on java.sun.com. I'm still hoping to go back to doing more stuff with C. I'll be seeing people next week so i'll ask them about it. Hopefully i'll get somewhere. I have 2 weeks before i'll start getting given proper work anyway. I cant wait for my week off. Time to get reaquainted with Claire...not to mention my xbox. It'll probably be quite a while before I get another week off. I try and reserve them for the summer. Anyway, my 10 bean vegetable curry awaits. Hopefully it'll be a classic.

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