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2002-09-06 00:58 UTC Greece has gone nuts

I read on Tuesday (ish) that gaming and gambling had been outlawed in Greece. I've been to Greece and i've seen the number of shops just like HMV, EB and GAME etc which sell games. It's no different from here. In an effort to ban gambling, Greek law has now banned videogames. It looks like only gaming in public will cause people to be arrested, but there's still no certainty. From the link at the bottom of this I saw that 2 people are up in court for allowing people to play counterstrike at a net cafe. They face fines up to 95'000 and a year in jail. Please let the Greek law see the insanity of this.

I can see them having hit squads which go around hotels and resorts looking for children in public playing with a gameboy. They could entrap people by putting display machines in gaming stores so you can try the latest games...but when you hold the controller and start to play, restraints come out of the machine and tie you up until the police arrive. Greek people don't even follow their laws about what they're allowed to smoke or how they can drive.....so why ban gaming?

If this rule stands, it's gonna be a long while before I consider going back to a place which can create laws like that.

Check out BBC News Site for a recent article on it.

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