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2002-09-04 06:12 UTC Been a while

It's been a while since I sat down and added a blog entry. This is mainly because i've done nothing of interest in the past week and a half. Well, that's not entirely true....but it is fairly close.

I went to see Claire in Reading at the weekend, played with some airsoft rifles in a shop and generally had a cool day. We saw "Reign of Fire" at the cinema. Nice special effects but the plot and acting was a little disappointing. Saw my parents on Sunday and then just relaxed around the flat for the rest of the weekend.

This promised to be a fairly dull week at work and the prediction is proving correct. Lots of the people I know are away on holiday so there's not much for me to do besides read the tutorials on java.sun.com all day long. I'll be doing some actual java work sometime next week I think. That is unless I get dragged back onto something else. I'd quite like the latter to happen.

Relaxing weekend coming up....with no spending of money, and then just one week before Claire moves in and I get a whole week off. Can you imagine the joy? I don't think you can :)

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