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2002-08-26 14:59 UTC Weirdness

I'm feeling like shit right now. Not sure why. I'm sure it'll pass fairly quickly. I've had a fantastic weekend. 48 hours with Claire was a gift from heaven. It was really good. Now i'm back on the brink of work. 8.30am tomorrow hails my return but I don't mind, i'm getting bored anyway. I can only watch so much Herbie and Cricket before i'd go out of my mind.

I've spent the evening cooking and then watching "The Deer Hunter" (Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken). To say it's made me depressed would be an understatement. The film is the soul of depression. It's a good film, I just probably shouldn't have watched it on my own right now.

So anyway, I had a really good weekend upto now. I should be having a good week and i'll be experimenting with Mexican food over the next few weeks. I'm hoping it wont be a complete disaster.

Note to Hixie: I haven't emailed you yet but write me one anyway. I saw your post so I know you've got the time :)

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