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2002-08-22 02:28 UTC "That guy's the spitting image of that bloke in Buffy"

Yesterday was a good day. A fabulous day. Had a really good time in London. We invited Laurence along so I got to chat to him on the train there. We wandered around a few shops, got a good italian lunch, few more shops...eventually ending up at a cinema. We watched a good film. I can't actually name it...something like "Latanta", an engrossing Australian "thriller" but it wasn't exactly scary. Intriguing though. Then we wandered through the maze that used to be Sega World (now funland or something) and ended up at the Sports bar playing American 8 ball pool. After a while we were just too damn tired and went off to get our respective trains home. Lots of fun though.

The icing on the cake was the journey home. I ended up sitting opposite Tony Head (Giles from Buffy) and chatting to him over a pint of Stella. I'd met him once before (which he remembered) when I got his autograph for Claire some 8 months ago) in Bath and chatted to him for a few minutes. This was even better, and a lot of fun. Somebody else bought the drinks...sitting a little bit further down the carriage (a couple of very awestruck people) but I got the best end of the deal. I tried and in my opinion succeeded at not being a dick and had a good time, made him laugh quite a few times aswell. It's a gift.

Anyway, I can't be arsed to put up what we chatted about here. It was many and varied things. The funny things is that the first time I met him, I got the autograph for claire. I started off by saying "So sorry, but my girlfriend will love me forever if I get your autograph for her" etc. This time I sat down and said "This is great, it's gonna piss off my girlfriend for at least a week" :)

Based on a conversation with him (about our giles spotting habits), i'm toying with the idea of "www.thatguyfrombuffy.com" which would involve logging our giles experiences ("I saw giles by waitrose" etc). It would all be done in a very comedy and non serious or privacy invading way. It would probably involve t-shirts and god forbid...it could become a phenomenon in Bath. I'll see, it'd be a good contender for graham norton if he's ever on it again.

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