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2002-08-20 06:01 UTC Wish I was there

My head hurts. I would say that i've been learning java, but it would be more accurate to say that i'm attempting to assimilate java. Lots of reading. Lots and lots of it. I'm getting through it though, trying to break it up with doing some coding of examples and stuff. It'll get more interesting when i'm learning about graphics and GUIs. I can't say that I like java because Hixie has pretty much tried to instill a hatred of java and internet explorer into me over the last few years. I still like c though, it makes sense to me.

3 hours....just 3 more hours til I'm effectively going to London. I'm gonna relax tonight, watch a bit of ST:Voyager (first half of the last episode of the entire series...and I haven't seen it yet) and chill. My train is at 9.57 so not much in the way of getting up early. Never a bad thing. Mike's calling Laurence to ask him along....so if he's coming i'll try and get a train with him. Travelling is much more fun when you have people to talk to.

That's about it I guess. Hixie's headed down to Greece for a while so I won't be seeing him til September sometime. Still no clue when he's off to get a job yet. He might know more when he gets back as he's visiting a W3C conference in Paris. Still, i'm just clutching at the idea of seeing Claire on Friday to get me through the week. It is made easier by spending a day in London though...no complaints here :)

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