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2002-08-19 08:36 UTC To Leicester Square Dr Watson

I managed to get my remaining holiday time booked today, some at fairly short notice. I've taken Wednesday off and Thursday morning so I can go to London and meet up with Mike and hang out without fear of being too tired to get up the next day. Good plan. I have no idea what we're doing, but we very rarely have a plan. London has enough stuff to do that plans are really arbitrary anyway. I'm sure there will be a blog entry...

Had a good weekend. Saturday (as you will see on hixie's blog entry) I spent the day with him and we had some good food and spent the rest of the day playing on my xbox. He did not kick my ass at Dead or Alive 3, though it was generally close :). I spent Sunday catching up on regular stuff like cleaning and laundry which is so thrilling. I did convince Claire to (probably...nothing is ever definite with Claire) come down on Friday after work. That means I only have another 2 and a half working days before I get to see her. That's my kinda week. Not long to go now, not long at all.

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