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2002-08-16 10:15 UTC New Horizons

Today was easily the most interesting day at work in the last month. I've been moved over to another building in Bath to work on some in-house java stuff. I've got a few weeks to learn java and then do some actual work with it. This is a great improvement on being off-charge with just training to do.

Also a bonus is that there's some more work on one of my previous (and favourite) projects coming in. I was told that i'd be top of the list to get brought on to do some of it. I might even get to do some more advanced stuff, like design work and possibly higher up testing/integration stuff. Who knows, but i'd enjoy it. It certainly makes me feel better about my current job prospects. Do some java, then maybe some c design. Not bad.

On an even better note, it's the weekend. Thank God for weekends.

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