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2002-08-15 05:57 UTC "Fuck Her Gently"

At the weekend I watched a little cable, on one of the music channels I witnessed a song called "Tribute" by Tenacious D. I'd never heard of this band but I liked what I saw. It was good music, interesting music...but most of all it made me smile. Other songs included some pretty random stuff, including the subject of this post.

I looked for their single/album all over Bath yesterday to no avail. I happened to take another look today whilst in HMV and they somehow had this one little copy today. "Was it fate?" I hear you cry. Well, I don't know. So far i'm on track 9 of 21. There's various songs on the album, and then more comedy tracks of talking. It's good stuff though. They don't take themselves seriously, and neither can I. It kinda reminds me of Spinal Tap. Spinal Tap did some good music but it was pure comedy. Tenacious D do good music, but it's also fun stuff.

I'm remarkably happy today. I chatted to Hixie (the one who can't cook) last night and that definitely cheered me up. I've also arranged with Hixie to meet up sometime over the weekend. Along similar lines i'm gonna see Mike next week and meet up in London. Another big plus was that I spoke to Claire 3 times last night. We're both really looking forward to seeing each other in just over a week. I can't wait.

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