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2002-08-13 01:15 UTC Ready steady blog

I'm having fun at the moment by creating subject titles based around stuff i'm doing. This one (if you follow English tv) concerns cooking. I've recently got over my bizarre fear of aubergines and they now feature in lots of meals I cook. Moreso than courgettes now. Better than this new found veg though is what I accomplished last night.

For quite a while my cooking has been improving. A curry would once have been "meat + curry sauce + heat." This advanced whilst living with Mike to Meat, lots of veg, fresh herbs, other spices and stuff like coconut milk. Only at the end would I add a little pataks curry paste for flavouring. Even this though was not good enough. Last night I cooked my first authentic curry. I did all the usual veg but instead of the pataks stuff, I made my own. I'm proud of this because there's a general feeling in the world that most english men can't cook. I'm glad they can't because i'm a better person for it, but to be doing indian food like this....it gives me hope.

After eating my curry last night I was filled with the feeling that I really could accomplish anything in the kitchen if I put my mind to it. I keep saying that i'll learn mexican and chinese style cooking. I don't really want to learn much of them...just a few things. I'd love to do a nice pollo enchilada (keep hixie and myself happy), and suff like fajitas filled with chicken, onions, peppers and other mexican things. Same with chinese, just a good sweet and sour or beef in black bean sauce. So these are my new goals. I want to get a book of indian recipies that would be served in England, traditional curry stuff like "Chicken sag", "Chicken Balti" etc. That way I can get more vary the stuff I cook more and get to know the spices better.

That's me done for today on cooking anyway. I'm not up to much else. The java game is pretty much done and works pretty well. Onto some Object Oriented training stuff now. Might have been useful a few weeks ago...

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