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2002-08-07 05:43 UTC One blog to rule them all, one blog to find them

As you may have guessed, I watched Lord of the Rings last night. The dvd was released yesterday and I had a strange desire to buy and watch it. So I did. I don't really know the plot of the other movies but i'm kinda hoping that Frodo has to do some fighting. Godfather, Star Wars etc...young person grows up with responsibility but ultimately has to get their hands dirty to get the job done. I want to see that happen.

I've also started reading the books. I tried once before but became busy with something. I'm hoping to read Fellowship of the Ring by the end of this week and the other two next week. It's ultimately out of a desire to know what happens...but also to see how it differs from the film. I really need to read more, but I've been thinking that for years. I just watch movies instead.

Heading to see my family this weekend. Should be fun but i'm tempted to take monday off work to recover. Could be a waste of a day off though. We'll see. Dug out a few xbox games to play in my spare time until Sega GT 2002 comes out next month and also Robotech Battlecry. Over the next few months there could well be a lot of console games coming out that I want, but I can afford them now so it's no bad thing :)

Anyway, here's to the future. Doom 3, Twin Towers, Matrix 2, Matrix 3, Return of the King and most of all, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

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