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2002-08-03 11:51 UTC Train Blogging

I'm on a train back from Reading right now. It's a little bit odd to be writing a weblog entry like this but fun at the same time. Had a really good day visiting Claire too. Shopping, Cinema, eating etc. We have a routine that we generally stick to, although we skipped morning muffins for a trip to the hagen daaz cafe instead.

Saw Austin Powers 3 at the cinema. It had it's moments but I hope Mike Myers goes on to other things. Finally got round to buying Macross Plus on dvd (both oav and movie) and also the new Joe Satriani album "strange beautiful music." that's my evening Sorted.

Not much else going on. No other weekend plans really. Just trying not to spend money and eat lots of fruit. who needs ricochet anyway?

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