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2002-08-02 01:29 UTC Empathy

Ordinarily i'd be really happy right now. I'm heading off to Reading tomorrow to see Claire for the day. It's always something which will brighten up my summer. However, i'm feeling pretty sad for one of my best friends. He's spent the last few months being optimistic and positive...and happier than i've ever seen him. Now...it's pretty much all collapsed in a heap around him and he's too far away for me to do anything about it. Not suprisingly, this involves the opposite sex.

I've done some fairly stupid stuff when all god seemed to do was shit on me from an incredibly great height and I guess i'm hoping he doesn't. He'll get over this one and will eventually be happy...but not suprisingly asks the question "why me, why for once can't i be the lucky one" which is the same question I used to ask.

I'm not sure how many people are in happy relationships on this planet. I guess a large portion of people meet up in clubs/pubs and have a 60% sex, 40% arguments style thing going. Then there's all the ones who divorce, hate each other or just plain don't get on. Somewhere though, there are the people who are in happy loving relationships. It's not half though, it's definitely the minority.

This stuff has brought back some memories of how I felt everytime someone wanted to "just be friends" or felt like I was more of a brother to them. There's a list of girls from my past who I will never forget. But i'm glad...because if they hadn't wanted to be just friends, I might not be with Claire now, and I don't think all the other relationships I could have had with those girls could have compared.

One day my friend will feel the same. He'll be glad it didn't work out because it wouldn't have been for the best. I don't believe it would work between him and the current girl anyway simply from what I know. I hope he realises that he was right to try, and to keep trying with girls...and that he shouldn't regret it because if it was meant to work out, then it would have done. I hope he realises this stuff because it's what i've learned through being rejected more times than I like to think about.

My final message goes to all the girls out there who seem to keep making guys like us into just good friends. *Big fucking bitchslap*. You need to realise that whilst we night not always look it, we're the best fish in the sea. We'll do everything we ever can for you and our sole aim isn't just to get into your pants. You women....you need to wise up.

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