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2002-07-30 07:46 UTC One year down

Today is the anniversary of me starting work at IPL. It's not really an important or interesting detail, but the fact lends itself to a little restrospective thought. Hmm, a whole year.

With Claire away and nothing to really do with my evenings, cooking has become an all important force in my life. I'm presently trying to improve the quality of food I intake by a) eating better lunches and b) eating better at home. The food I cook is generally healthy but I am prone to pub lunches and take-away. No longer. I'm doing packed lunches for work including lots of fruit. On the evening meal side, I'm just going to try and eat home cooked food every night. I won't eat too much and it gives me a great excuse to cook amazing tasting food and to try out new stuff. Not to mention more opportunity to play with knives :)

In a similar vein, I started developing the food section of wuki today. Recipies etc. Hopefully I'll be able to get Mike to send me a few to put up. I'm writing up mine. I can edit them as I improve them. Overall it gives me a good place to store recipies and if people ask how I cook stuff, it makes the response a lot shorter. So anyway, here's to me cooking better and eating better.

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