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2002-07-26 08:00 UTC Ocean Pearls

For the second time this week, i've spent lunch in the Ocean Pearl buffet restaurant in Bath. It's nice. It's 6 for all you can eat chinese buffet. Naturally, too much gets eaten, but I was pretty restrained today. I didn't really want to spend the afternoon feeling bloated. That failed entirely. It's a slightly odd place to eat because it's primary view is of the river and the IPL offices (where I work) on the other side. Not exactly what you want to be looking at when there's all of Bath to explore. Today was like a minature project social for a few of us who are now off our most recent project. It was good fun and more chopstick practice.

The monkeyball fun continues. Got in from the pub at about 11.20pm last night but I didn't really need the sleep so I played til about 1am, getting eventually to Expert level 42. Not bad, 8 to go when I get in tonight.

I've got no plans this weekend besides seeing Claire. Debating seeing Austin Powers 3, it'll probably wait til next weekend when i'm heading over to Reading to see her. I guess it'll involve lots of lounging, take-away and movies/games. I love weekends like this...when there's nothing to do and no expectation of getting stuff done. It's purely devoted to increasing quality of life through fun and relaxation :)

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