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2002-07-24 14:28 UTC Lets get ready to mmmmooooonnnnkkkkeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy

Right now super monkeyball is a little bit of an obsession. I like to buy a computer game...and then complete it. If it's a long plot driven affair and I don't get into it then it's not a problem. However, if it's merely a test of hand eye co-ordination and problem solving...then it's a challenge to my very nature.

Super Monkeyball is such a game. It's so simple, get a monkey (in a ball) from one end of a little level to the other. There are three difficulty settings (besides secret stuff), Beginner, Advanced and Expert. I did Beginner a while back and i've done the 3 extra levels you get if you complete the main 10 without dying. Quite tricky. Tonight I decided to try and do Advanced without dying. Finally, after several hours and excruciating tension when i got to the last level and then came so close to doing it...finally, i did it. Then i did the 5 extra levels you get. Now all that remains are the 50 expert levels...which are insanely difficult. (There are 10 extra expert ones and then 10 master levels available to the gifted player).

I like to think i'm good at videogames. I have excellent hand-eye co-ordination and a natural ability for them. Games like this though...aren't my strong point. That's why i'm so happy to have managed "advanced" with no loss of life. It's another notch in my gaming belt. Now I can try the expert levels in the knowledge that I do maybe have what it takes to be a superb monkeyball player. Hopefully i'll get really good just in time for super monkeyball 2.

I should point out that I have impressively refrained from killing any monkeys (not even 1) and not destroying my gamecube or any controllers whilst playing. It's been very tempting and i'm sure lots of other people have. God only knows what would have happened if Tom had liked it and wanted to complete it. :)

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