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2002-07-24 08:58 UTC Slow and Easy

Well, there's a little bit of stuff going on for me right now. I'm being amused by the new Ann Summers shop opening in Bath (right in the middle of the high street) tomorrow at lunchtime. I think it's great, many would argue that it lowers the tone. (you know who you are...mike) I think it's great, I won't have to go to bristol anymore. Besides, from the number of people I saw trying to get into it today (even though it hasn't opened yet), it's gonna prove popular.

Claire's heading down at the weekend which is oh so good. I can only take so much Super MonkeyBall before I need to take a break and remember what my life is for. I was also happy to realise that Mel gets back into the country tomorrow. This was short lived as she's going to Turkey on Monday...so no chance of meeting up before September sometime when she returns for good. But still, i'll at least get an email whilst she's in the country. I really have no idea if we will meet up, but I have to take some holiday anyway before october. I might aswell use it to trip over to London. (I've got 5 days saved up to spend with Claire when she get's back too :) )

Work is ok. We're sorting out the finer details of the poker program and it's interface/networking now. I'm looking forward to getting into it tomorrow as i've slacked off for the last few days. We're probably losing the most Java capable person of our team at the end of the week which limits me and Simon to sorting it out. Should be interesting.

Finally, Hixie's buggered off to go to Europe. He's spending some time with his family, then Nadia and then going to his brother's wedding in greece. All of this means he isn't around to chat to me during the day whilst i'm working and on icq. Still, I wouldn't begrudge him a trip around europe with some crumpet...it's much deserved.

I doubt anyone cares but it should be noted if you ever get confused that my blog entries are usually named after references close to me. It could well be from South Park, the Simpsons or an album i'm listening to. I try and make them applicable. Today's entry is from the Joe Satriani album "Engines of Creation" which i'm listening to and perfectly describes the way my life is right now. It doesn't mention "dull" though.

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