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2002-07-23 01:44 UTC Johnny Herbert Celebration Pizza

I had a weird dream last night. One of my best from recent times. I was in a car park somewhere with Daren (a friend from university) and we chatted for a bit before getting on our extremely new/fast superbikes and then racing around, through traffic, down roads...all done in a scary but exhilerating anime style. (Akira, Bubblegum Crisis, Macross Plus etc).

It kicked ass though, it felt so real and I enjoyed it so much. After waking up from this dream I remembered about the Johnny Herbert Celebration Pizza. A couple of years ago (my second year of university) we watched the British formula one grand prix. It was just me and Daren in the house at the time and we used to watch a lot of formula one back then. He probably still does. So anyway, we were rooting for Johnny Herbert but he was in about 12th position, I don't recall why. The strangest thing happened though, as I wished for the driver in front to go off the road and Johnny go up a place, it happened. What fluke you say. The conditions worsened in the race and one by one we willed for Johnny Herbert to overtake the guy in front or for them to spin off until finally, he won the race. It was a great day and it co-incided with us having bought a giant pizza with _everything_ on it. We cooked the pizza and it was named "The Johnny Herbert Celebration Pizza" in honour of the event. I'd all but forgotten about this until last night. Funny how these things turn up.

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