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2002-07-23 01:44 UTC Johnny Herbert Celebration Pizza

I had a weird dream last night. One of my best from recent times. I was in a car park somewhere with Daren (a friend from university) and we chatted for a bit before getting on our extremely new/fast superbikes and then racing around, through traffic, down roads...all done in a scary but exhilerating anime style. (Akira, Bubblegum Crisis, Macross Plus etc).

It kicked ass though, it felt so real and I enjoyed it so much. After waking up from this dream I remembered about the Johnny Herbert Celebration Pizza. A couple of years ago (my second year of university) we watched the British formula one grand prix. It was just me and Daren in the house at the time and we used to watch a lot of formula one back then. He probably still does. So anyway, we were rooting for Johnny Herbert but he was in about 12th position, I don't recall why. The strangest thing happened though, as I wished for the driver in front to go off the road and Johnny go up a place, it happened. What fluke you say. The conditions worsened in the race and one by one we willed for Johnny Herbert to overtake the guy in front or for them to spin off until finally, he won the race. It was a great day and it co-incided with us having bought a giant pizza with _everything_ on it. We cooked the pizza and it was named "The Johnny Herbert Celebration Pizza" in honour of the event. I'd all but forgotten about this until last night. Funny how these things turn up.

2002-07-18 02:47 UTC The spirit carries on

Fairly uneventful few days for me. I was sad to find out that an older relative (My grandmother's sister in law) died yesterday. Whilst I didn't really know her, I do remember her and it's somewhat depressing. More importantly though, I feel for my grandmother who was a lot closer to her and I feel for the widowed husband who I remember well from when I was little. Whilst I don't really believe in the catholic God that I was raised to worship, I think something set up this universe and i'd like to believe that she's gone to another place.

In other news, i've found that cats can come into my flat by way of the lounge window and the roof. This is great news as I like cats and they can come and go into my home. Yay for cats.

2002-07-15 13:51 UTC Another year wiser

Well, what a weekend. Claire came down and we had a great weekend. Not too suprising. We found that Desh, our local indian take-away is fantastic (look here for details) and we just spent time getting used to being us in our new flat. She then left on Sunday and life went back to normal holiday routine.

Work got interesting today when we finally started on a project to create a network poker game. The plan is "no limit Texas hold'em", the fairly modern variety shown in "Late Night Poker" on channel 4. We're making it work on the network at IPL, and it should come with a nice GUI and reasonable interface. The main reason for doing this is to expand our knowledge of Java and OO programming. Having never coded in Java on anything significant before, it's going to be interesting. I don't exactly like the language, but it's one used at IPL so I really should get used to it.

Anyway, you will find it in a downloadable form on wuki when we've finished, presuming we get the time and no actual work comes along. I do have other training to do but if this allows me to actually pick up Java in a useful way then the company would probably be a lot happier that I did it instead of reading some stuff on algorithms. Besides, I (a) want to keep my skills intact, and (b) want to add to them.

So yeah, progress will be given here. Morrowind has been put on hold for a while til I get my shit together. I need to sort my flat out and still keep a social life. I should be seeing friends tomorrow for a relaxing drink in the pub. Will be good after a hectic day of programming :). I'll probably also try and work out the copyright details of this program i'm writing. It'll probably belong to IPL as it's being done on work time. Not that I have a problem with that. I doubt we'll make money off it, we just want a cool and useful network game.

2002-07-12 02:30 UTC Keeping up with the Heningers

Few are those who can see with their own eyes and hear with their own hearts

Albert Einstein

2002-07-12 02:25 UTC Another brick in the wall

Tomorrow I become 22. This poses no problem for me. It should be quite some time before I start worrying about my age. Besides, right now I have no concerns over getting older. I'm getting closer towards the stuff I want in life...a house, pool table, plasma tv and 2 cats. I'm not wildly ambitious in this way. My ambition in life was to find (in the Ally Mcbeal sense) that _one_ person. There are obviously some issues that with around 3 billion women on the planet, there is more than one. There aren't that many though. It would stuggle without a good level of english and various other things. Besides, I have high standards (which is ironic). I actually recall reading a website outlining just how many people you're right for on the planet. It's not a big number, especially if you're a little less than "normal" (whatever normal is) like me.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that i've done that ambition. I found her and thus completed the main goal of my life. My other ambitions aren't really big things. I have little desire to change the world. I do that by living in it and being polite and friendly to people. I promote good karma. I do however, want to become a pool god. My interests aren't competitive, just fun. I enjoy pool and i'd love to get really damn good at pool, hence my own table. One day.

As for the impending birthday, plans have changed a little. Meeting up with Ian and Mike (and maybe other people) tonight for food and drinks. I spent the evening out with work people yesterday and will be doing something at lunch today. Claire's also coming down early. It's a lot to get done in a Friday but I think i've managed to accomodate everyone, myself just about included. It's gonna be a fun day (besides doing nothing but training at work). It's gonna be a fun weekend too.

2002-07-10 01:23 UTC Future Self

I got halfway through a blog entry yesterday and then got busy with something else. I only realised this having just seen my blog front page. Oh well.

The last few days have been a little hectic. I moved house, got my stuff mostly set up, bought new stuff and then vegged out by the tv playing Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. It's a god damn RPG and it's taking over my life. It's a little annoying in that sense, but i'm really enjoying it. It definitely has me feeling a lot more like a real character than FFVII ever did. Final Fantasy games are great, but every path has a purpose, everyone you talk to has very specific lines. It's like a book that you play though. Morrowind is the opposite, besides an overall governing plot, you write the script. If you want to go and hunt treasure...then do so. If you want to never pay for anything then steal it, but beware of getting caught. There are lots of people who want stuff done and will reward you for doing it. I've so far joined the Mage's Guild and the Fighter's Guild. Whilst I am a mage, i want to be able to hit people and not have to run away screaming. Anyway, enough on Morrowind.

My birthday this weekend and I have no plans yet. Claire's coming down on Saturday so that's my weekend sorted. Probably a few drinks with the people at work on Friday. Who knows what else. It should be a good weekend and I hope that I've got my new place sorted by then. I really just have to buy a little more stuff and do some unpacking/tidying etc. Not too hard. So onward with being back at work and no xbox...I think i'll just read some Morrowind reviews :)

2002-07-05 01:07 UTC Timmahhhhh

This is the time of year when more british people display south park knowledge than any other, for Tim (Timmahhhh) Henman is in the semi-finals at Wimbledon. This isn't a bad thing because I like both tennis and south park. Would be good to see him win for once.

I'm picking up the keys to the flat at 1pm today. I'll probably spend the evening packing and praying to God that this will all go ok. I'm apprehensive about moving my stuff, but also pretty scared of moving into the new place and living on my own for a while. It's only gonna be about 2 months before Claire joins me, but it's still quite a long time. On reflection, I have done similar before. Before my final year at university I lived and worked on campus with barely anyone I knew around to talk to. Yay for tv, games consoles and cooking.

2002-07-04 06:09 UTC Move along please

Nothing to see here

(who needs a feature to delete entries anyway)

2002-07-04 01:17 UTC Don't forget your towel

Two things have got me today. Firstly, I really should sort out the packing and moving of my stuff. I have two days left before moving, and i'm barely prepared. I guess it doesn't take as long as I currently think. I can't have that much stuff...can I? Secondly, I get some really shit results on google. The closest two things to wuki.net, are some site about a german band called "wukiundband" and some guy called "Wuki Tung" and I bet within a day, google links to my site, but only for those two things on this page.

Personally, I don't care much about google. I do like the idea that people can look me up on the web just by sticking my name, or url into google and me coming top though. I do come up, but only for old stuff where my details don't exist anymore. You will note that Hixie has 7/10 of the entries on the first page for "Ian Hickson" and also posted recently about now coming top in a search for "natural log". What is the world coming to?

2002-07-03 01:23 UTC Exploration, Experimentation

Yesterday was the Physics department results day for all my friends who've just finished their degrees. Everyone basically got what they needed or wanted. Mike got a first and by some small miracle Hixie got a 2:1. As I also have a 2:1, I did decide that this made my degree worthless. Then I remembered that he did lots of computing modules so my degree is still a little better :)

To celebrate, we all went down the pub. About 30 of us to be precise. We chatted, drank and nearly played pool. I probably won't see quite a few of those people for a long time as i'm not going to the graduation. Work to do. I will keep in touch with all my friends though. It was a little bizarre in the pub as I was chatting to Ian on my iPAQ and about half the people wanted to see it, play with it and just witness how damn cool it was. I was expecting quite a different reaction. Mike usually just wants to open it, put pepsi in and and then see what happens :)

Moving into my new flat looms ever closer, just a few days away. I really should take some time off work around the weekend to deal with it. I'm not sure who's going to be around to help and when but on the upside, there's no great rush to move. As long as it all gets done within about a week. My friend Dale has offered to help around the weekend anyway. I've just got to get in touch with the landlord and arrange when to get the key etc. Fun fun.

Update: I've also got the css working now and hopefully we've fixed all the errors that I get when I upload to the site. Baby!

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