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2002-07-15 13:51 UTC Another year wiser

Well, what a weekend. Claire came down and we had a great weekend. Not too suprising. We found that Desh, our local indian take-away is fantastic (look here for details) and we just spent time getting used to being us in our new flat. She then left on Sunday and life went back to normal holiday routine.

Work got interesting today when we finally started on a project to create a network poker game. The plan is "no limit Texas hold'em", the fairly modern variety shown in "Late Night Poker" on channel 4. We're making it work on the network at IPL, and it should come with a nice GUI and reasonable interface. The main reason for doing this is to expand our knowledge of Java and OO programming. Having never coded in Java on anything significant before, it's going to be interesting. I don't exactly like the language, but it's one used at IPL so I really should get used to it.

Anyway, you will find it in a downloadable form on wuki when we've finished, presuming we get the time and no actual work comes along. I do have other training to do but if this allows me to actually pick up Java in a useful way then the company would probably be a lot happier that I did it instead of reading some stuff on algorithms. Besides, I (a) want to keep my skills intact, and (b) want to add to them.

So yeah, progress will be given here. Morrowind has been put on hold for a while til I get my shit together. I need to sort my flat out and still keep a social life. I should be seeing friends tomorrow for a relaxing drink in the pub. Will be good after a hectic day of programming :). I'll probably also try and work out the copyright details of this program i'm writing. It'll probably belong to IPL as it's being done on work time. Not that I have a problem with that. I doubt we'll make money off it, we just want a cool and useful network game.

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