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2002-07-12 02:25 UTC Another brick in the wall

Tomorrow I become 22. This poses no problem for me. It should be quite some time before I start worrying about my age. Besides, right now I have no concerns over getting older. I'm getting closer towards the stuff I want in life...a house, pool table, plasma tv and 2 cats. I'm not wildly ambitious in this way. My ambition in life was to find (in the Ally Mcbeal sense) that _one_ person. There are obviously some issues that with around 3 billion women on the planet, there is more than one. There aren't that many though. It would stuggle without a good level of english and various other things. Besides, I have high standards (which is ironic). I actually recall reading a website outlining just how many people you're right for on the planet. It's not a big number, especially if you're a little less than "normal" (whatever normal is) like me.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that i've done that ambition. I found her and thus completed the main goal of my life. My other ambitions aren't really big things. I have little desire to change the world. I do that by living in it and being polite and friendly to people. I promote good karma. I do however, want to become a pool god. My interests aren't competitive, just fun. I enjoy pool and i'd love to get really damn good at pool, hence my own table. One day.

As for the impending birthday, plans have changed a little. Meeting up with Ian and Mike (and maybe other people) tonight for food and drinks. I spent the evening out with work people yesterday and will be doing something at lunch today. Claire's also coming down early. It's a lot to get done in a Friday but I think i've managed to accomodate everyone, myself just about included. It's gonna be a fun day (besides doing nothing but training at work). It's gonna be a fun weekend too.

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