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2002-07-10 01:23 UTC Future Self

I got halfway through a blog entry yesterday and then got busy with something else. I only realised this having just seen my blog front page. Oh well.

The last few days have been a little hectic. I moved house, got my stuff mostly set up, bought new stuff and then vegged out by the tv playing Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. It's a god damn RPG and it's taking over my life. It's a little annoying in that sense, but i'm really enjoying it. It definitely has me feeling a lot more like a real character than FFVII ever did. Final Fantasy games are great, but every path has a purpose, everyone you talk to has very specific lines. It's like a book that you play though. Morrowind is the opposite, besides an overall governing plot, you write the script. If you want to go and hunt treasure...then do so. If you want to never pay for anything then steal it, but beware of getting caught. There are lots of people who want stuff done and will reward you for doing it. I've so far joined the Mage's Guild and the Fighter's Guild. Whilst I am a mage, i want to be able to hit people and not have to run away screaming. Anyway, enough on Morrowind.

My birthday this weekend and I have no plans yet. Claire's coming down on Saturday so that's my weekend sorted. Probably a few drinks with the people at work on Friday. Who knows what else. It should be a good weekend and I hope that I've got my new place sorted by then. I really just have to buy a little more stuff and do some unpacking/tidying etc. Not too hard. So onward with being back at work and no xbox...I think i'll just read some Morrowind reviews :)

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