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2002-07-05 01:07 UTC Timmahhhhh

This is the time of year when more british people display south park knowledge than any other, for Tim (Timmahhhh) Henman is in the semi-finals at Wimbledon. This isn't a bad thing because I like both tennis and south park. Would be good to see him win for once.

I'm picking up the keys to the flat at 1pm today. I'll probably spend the evening packing and praying to God that this will all go ok. I'm apprehensive about moving my stuff, but also pretty scared of moving into the new place and living on my own for a while. It's only gonna be about 2 months before Claire joins me, but it's still quite a long time. On reflection, I have done similar before. Before my final year at university I lived and worked on campus with barely anyone I knew around to talk to. Yay for tv, games consoles and cooking.

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