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2002-07-04 01:17 UTC Don't forget your towel

Two things have got me today. Firstly, I really should sort out the packing and moving of my stuff. I have two days left before moving, and i'm barely prepared. I guess it doesn't take as long as I currently think. I can't have that much stuff...can I? Secondly, I get some really shit results on google. The closest two things to wuki.net, are some site about a german band called "wukiundband" and some guy called "Wuki Tung" and I bet within a day, google links to my site, but only for those two things on this page.

Personally, I don't care much about google. I do like the idea that people can look me up on the web just by sticking my name, or url into google and me coming top though. I do come up, but only for old stuff where my details don't exist anymore. You will note that Hixie has 7/10 of the entries on the first page for "Ian Hickson" and also posted recently about now coming top in a search for "natural log". What is the world coming to?

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