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2002-07-03 01:23 UTC Exploration, Experimentation

Yesterday was the Physics department results day for all my friends who've just finished their degrees. Everyone basically got what they needed or wanted. Mike got a first and by some small miracle Hixie got a 2:1. As I also have a 2:1, I did decide that this made my degree worthless. Then I remembered that he did lots of computing modules so my degree is still a little better :)

To celebrate, we all went down the pub. About 30 of us to be precise. We chatted, drank and nearly played pool. I probably won't see quite a few of those people for a long time as i'm not going to the graduation. Work to do. I will keep in touch with all my friends though. It was a little bizarre in the pub as I was chatting to Ian on my iPAQ and about half the people wanted to see it, play with it and just witness how damn cool it was. I was expecting quite a different reaction. Mike usually just wants to open it, put pepsi in and and then see what happens :)

Moving into my new flat looms ever closer, just a few days away. I really should take some time off work around the weekend to deal with it. I'm not sure who's going to be around to help and when but on the upside, there's no great rush to move. As long as it all gets done within about a week. My friend Dale has offered to help around the weekend anyway. I've just got to get in touch with the landlord and arrange when to get the key etc. Fun fun.

Update: I've also got the css working now and hopefully we've fixed all the errors that I get when I upload to the site. Baby!

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