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2002-07-02 01:27 UTC Tennis Fever

Well, I spent a thrilling evening last night just watching tennis and chatting to people. I found myself walking home after work still chatting to people on icq on my pda. This continued practically until I went to bed on both icq and msn instant messenger. It's really fun though. Whilst I like chatting to people at my pc, there's no substitute for doing it in a more relaxing environment, like lying on my bed with my head on a cushion watching tennis.

The bandwidth usage is minimal, it only starts to go anywhere when web pages come into the issue. I'm trying to limit myself to 500k of use per day right now because I get 12Mb a month before extra charges are made.

The actual highlights of my evening were that Tim Henman won his match so the tennis was good, and I got to chat to Mel, an old friend who i'm determined to keep in touch with now she's left Bath having just finished her degree. It's important to me because we know each other so well but haven't really spoken much in about 3 years. It all happened before that in a solid 4 month period when we spent long evenings til 4am chatting.

I interestingly got asked which film character I would be if I had the choice (She was filling out an odd application form). My initial response was Leon. He's just so damn cool, not to mention all the stuff which would have people a little disturbed. Whilst chatting to Tom in co-op though, this was changed to The Crow. He might suffer a little in the film, but god damn does he get to do some cool stuff. Probably wouldn't get me a job though. "I'm Phil, I love vengence and killing. How are you?"

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