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2002-07-01 01:28 UTC My first blog entry

Well, i've become (I believe) the first user of Hixie's Blog software. Besides Hixie that is. I've been convinced to use one of these things so I figured I might as well use his software. At least then I have someone useful to report bugs to :)

I have no idea what the purpose of this blog is. I guess it will contain the same crap as every other blog. Don't be expecting details of work though because unlike many of you, most of the stuff I do is confidential and can't be talked about.

What I can say is that i'm now sitting off-charge at work. I have no project to work on. I get to fill my time with training and working on pet projects. I wrote my restaurant database in one such short period.

Be warned that large amounts of this could be devoted to games, movies and my hunt for cool technology. On saturday hixie _nearly_ managed to update his blog using my iPAQ pda and mobile phone using GPRS and Bluetooth. Sadly he got disconnected just before he finished. Something which hasn't happened to me since.

Let's hope this is the first of many, and that they never really have a point.

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